10 Monogram Facts You Need To Know

Monograms are everywhere you go. 

It is usually 2-3 letter designs in personalized shirts, bags, caps, logos, and more. People are crazy about this trend! Here at Bows and Sparrow, we collate the top 10 important facts on Monogram. From ancient royal history, religious relics, rich victorian monogram era to monogram etiquette, most used fonts and popular brands
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  • Monograms were first used by Ancient Greece royalty.

Before using it as a personal gem, monograms were valuable to royal and high society during the early centuries. Ancient Greece and Roman rulers use monograms to mark their reign in coins. They are one of the first civilizations to use this design.

  • Artists in the Middle Ages used monograms to claim their artwork. 

Aside from Greek royalty, monograms are also used as a signature for sculptures, craftsmen, artists and painters. One of the famous examples of an artist's signature is the “AD” in German painter Albrecht Dürer.

  • What is Christogram and Chi Rho?

Christogram is a religious monogram abbreviation for Jesus Christ’s name. This symbol is usually used in the Christian Church. Chi Rho, on the other hand, is the oldest example of Christogram. It is the Greek word ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ (Christos). Often, it is written in capital XP.

  • Monogram in the cross - JHS or IHS.

Another example of a traditional Christogram is the JHS or IHS monogram of Jesus’ name in the cross. This Western Christianity symbol derived from the Greek name of Jesus, Iota-Eta-Sigma (ΙΗΣΟΥΣ).

  • Personalized Monograms are popular during the Victorian Era.

Victorian Era Monograms are considered as one of the most elegant and classic styles. During this period, people started to use these designs in their personal belongings. Victorian-era styles can be distinguished based on their royalty curves and artistic calligraphy.

  • Basic 3 letter Monogram Etiquette you need to know.

Artists use monogram etiquette carefully in their crafts. The traditional monogram in a person’s initial is as follows; the first name left, middle initial on the right, and last name initial in a larger font in the middle. It can also be written first, middle, and last name sequence if it’s the same font size.

  • Most-used Monogram Fonts of the Decade.

Since monograms are widely used to be personalized, there are also font styles that fit every personality. These different fonts are used in family tradition, personalized gifts, a symbol of marriage, baseball caps, totes, bags, clothes, towels, bedsheets, and other personal decors.

  • Where and How to Use Monogram Pin & Brooch?

Monogram Pin and Brooch are decorative jewelry attached to clothing. Aside from its decorative purpose, it is also functional. It holds the garments closed. These pins are made of metal, gold, and silver. For formality, most brooches are worn on the left side. Check these dress monogram locations from Pinterest.

  • Monograms are used as Logo for Popular Brands.

Monograms are artistic and easy to remember. The reason why most big companies use monograms as their logo. You surely recognize some of these designs in the Fashion Industry - Coco Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci. For electronics, Hewlett-Packard (HP), General Electric Company (GE), and Lucky and Goldstar (LG); use monograms. And more diverse popular brands like Warner Bros, Volkswagen, and the famous New York Yankees.

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